Welcome to the Temporal Ecology Lab! We study how global changes alter the temporal assembly and disassembly of communities. Much of the research in the lab centers on understanding recent shifts in `biological spring,’ advances in the timing of plants’ leafout and flowering that have occurred in many regions of the globe with climate change.

We’re primarily field computational ecologists, working to build generative models of ecological systems. As such, most of us split our time between collecting and analyzing field data, working on meta-analyses of contemporary and historical data or setting up experiments in and out of doors to test our mechanistic models. Given the combination of our aims and data, we often use Bayesian approaches.

Current projects in the lab use meta-analyses, growth-chamber studies, continental field transects, winegrape harvest data and more to understand the temporal dimension of populations, communities and ecosystems. We’re based in the department of Forest and Conservation Sciences at the University of British Columbia, with field sites across North America and collaborators who make our research more innovative, creative and useful from across the world.

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